Moon Geun Young Talks About “Nation’s Little Sister” Title, Graduation and More

On August 5, a press conference for the MBC drama “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” was held at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center where Moon Geun Young talked about a variety of topics including her thoughts on the “Nation’s Little Sister” title and her graduation.

When the reporters asked “Who do you think is the next ‘Nation’s Little Sister,'” Moon Geun Young answered, “Kim Yun Ah is so awesome and I personally like her a lot. She stands out a lot.”

Moon Geun Young continued, “Even to me, Suzy and IU look so lovable and pretty,” and “As I looked at Suzy and IU, I thought to myself, ‘Was I like them too? Was that why people called me the ‘Nation’s Little Sister?’ and it made me feel really good.”

She commented, “Before, I didn’t like that title. At the time, the ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ title felt heavy and felt like a restriction.”

But in the end, she added, “But the current ‘Nation’s Little Sisters’ are so pretty and good,” and “If I think that way, I’m very grateful and happy that people thought of me as the ‘Nation’s Little Sister.'”

Moon Geun Young also spoke about her graduation. She has been a Sungkyunkwan University student for the seventh year as a Korean Language and Literature major.

She said, “I have completed all of my credits but my English class grades are a bit low. Actually, I am ready to graduate but I will do so when I want to.”

She continued, “In order to graduate, I need a certification for a computer class and good English marks. I already completed by thesis so I will graduate when I feel like I want to.”

The actress also garnered attention for her flawless morning selca that showed off her porcelain skin and beautiful eyes.

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