Nine Muses Films a Sexy Potato Chip CF in China

Girl group Nine Muses has filmed a Chinese commercial recently, which is becoming a hot topic.

Nine Muses has been selected to model Orion’s “Swing Chip Kimchi Flavor” potato chip (or “Friends Fun” potato chip) in China. They recorded the CF song in Korea and filmed the commercial, which is almost like a music video.

In the commercial, Nine Muses does a sexy dance to the song, which is titled, “Aotu Song.” The highlight of the CF contains Nine Muses’ member Kyungri romancing a male model.

Orion is also holding a special event with prizes such as cash, Nine Muses’ signed CD and more.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses became the first girl group to throw a concert at an army unit. Also, Billboard has recently introduced Nine Muses’ documentary, making the group get more recognition overseas.

Check out Nine Muses’ “Friends Fun” potato chip CF below!