Infinite’s L Perfectly Transforms into So Ji Sub’s Younger Counterpart

Infinite‘s L has perfectly transformed into a younger So Ji Sub for “Master’s Sun.”

“Master’s Sun” will air its pilot episode on August 7 and L will be appearing as a young So Ji Sub, who is a selfish and stingy CEO of a shopping mall.

Stills of L’s scenes from the drama have been released, creating a lot of curiosity among the public. L’s first shooting took place on July 25 and it is reported that he perfectly replicated So Ji Sub’s deep expression of the eyes. The stills show L tied up in a dark garage, giving a slightly scared but sharp gaze at his kidnappers.

It is reported that L got so into his character that he didn’t even know that he got several scratches on his hand and arms during the filming.

The production staff commented, “L doesn’t appear much but he plays a very important role in explaining So Ji Sub’s character,” and “He portrayed a young So Ji Sub better than any of us expected.”

L’s parts in “Master’s Sun” will be revealed through the pilot episode on August 7.

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