Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun In Discussion for Drama Role

Girls’ Generation fans, cross your fingers! The group’s maknae might join a few of her unnies and be the next member to participate in a drama.

On August 6, a drama representative shared that there are currently discussions for Seohyun to take on the role of the male lead’s first love Han Yoo Rim in SBS’s upcoming weekend drama “Passionate Love.”

The discussed character is a nice-looking college student with a soft heart and intelligent brain. The male lead is a high school student, but fell in love with her at first sight. He lies that he’s also in college and they meet, but she suddenly passes away from an accident.

Although the character Han Yoo Rim will be in the drama for about four episodes, the role is significant to the flow of the story. Seohyun previously made a special cameo with other Girls’ Generation members in 2008 when Sooyoung and Yuri were fixed cast of KBS’s sitcom “Unstoppable Marriage,” but this would be her first actual role.

“Passionate Love” is a melodrama focusing on the sad love story of a couple from the tragic fate of two families. The production team behind “Moon That Embraces The Sun,” “Equator Man,” Gaksital,” and more, is behind this project. It will premiere in October.