BoA Does Not Like Being Judged by How Much Money She Is Worth

BoA does not like being judged by the amount of money she makes, according to My Daily News.

BoA on

On an episode of SBS program “Thank You” that aired on August 2, Cha In Pyo, Son Hyun Joo, Moon Jung Hee, and BoA shared some personal stories.

Actor Cha In Pyo said, “BoA is one of the most popular Hallyu stars. If we put a monetary value on her, she’d be worth one trillion won.” (One trillion won is approximately 900 million USD.)

BoA replied confidently, “I’ve heard that a lot.” She added,” But I’ve wondered, ‘Why doesn’t all of that money come to me?’

She continued, “I was actually disappointed. I have questioned why people must compare others by money or judge by how much money someone makes.”