After School’s Uee Talks Cats, Puppies, Chipmunks in “Vogue Korea”

After School member Uee appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of “Vogue Korea.” Though, in the photo shoot, the willowy idol famous for her “honey thighs” looked perfectly sexy, Uee talked with the fashion magazine about various animals that she had been told that she resembled.

Uee said: “I am exactly half and half. When I put on a strong makeup look, I have heard that I look like a cat, and, when I take off my makeup, they tell me I look like a puppy. If that comes from my mouth, does it sound like I am bragging?”

Uee then laughed and continued: “I also was told many times that I looked like a chipmunk from “Alvin and the Superband” movie. Have you heard that I was told that I looked like a piglet?”