Uee Discusses Her Small Lips Complex and Best Body Parts

After School member Uee appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of “Vogue Korea.” In the interview, Uee discusses her small lips complex, her best body parts, and being a tomboy in high school.

Uee said: “Recently, I heard that my lips look good. Normally, I have a bit of a complex about my lips being small. When I speak, my lips don’t move well, and I have a tendency to mumble. But, when I do that, [After School] members tug on my lips and tell me that I’m adorable. Upon hearing those words, I felt like if I can just do my lipstick really well, then it is possible for me to look a little more sexy.” 

Uee laughed and continued: “Of my physical parts, my legs are the best part, right? Even though I’m not really the type to expose a lot of skin, I like to wear hot pants. I like a summer where I can wear hot pants. 

“I think because I show off my legs on the stage a lot, people might feel that [Uee has a revealing style]. Today, at the photo shoot, I was so amazed because there were so many alternative clothes that I had never tried and was wearing for the first time. Usually, I do not wear clothes that are tight and revealing.” 

On Vogue mentioning that her management company was worried about whether the photo shoot would be too revealing, Uee explained: “ I am still far from being sexy. When I was in high school, I used to go around with my hair cut short and in exercise clothes. My mom would tell me if you are a woman, go around dressed like a woman, and constantly scold me for not doing so. Even though it is a bit embarrassing, I think that I am still lacking a lot. I don’t really know much when it comes to makeup or shoes.”