Sandara Park and Thunder Once Again Prove How Close They Are

2NE1’s Sandara Park and MBLAQ’s Thunder again prove how close the two of them are, according to Sports Chosun.

On August 4, Sandara tweeted a photo with the caption, “Thunder came to visit me at the DYLM party. He came even though he’s been practicing late hours for his tour. We are such heart-warming siblings.”

Sandara and Thunder

In the picture, the siblings are radiating with bright smiles. They stand close to each other, both with their arms crossed. Their outfits are also matching in the same color!

They’ve earned the nickname of “Bungeobbang Siblings” due to their very similar looks. (Bungeobbang is a term used in Korean to describe people who are very similar to each other.)

Sandara currently anticipates the release of 2NE1’s new song “Do You Love Me,” which comes out on August 7. The DYLM party was to celebrate the completion of the music video filming. Thunder is getting ready for MBLAQ’s first solo concert in Mexico City, “MBLAQ Mexico 2013.” 

Netizens commented on the photo with various responses such as, “They are so sweet,” “If you put them next to each other, they look alike,” “No other siblings can match their superior genes,” and “They’re so good looking.”

What cute siblings!