Lee Hyori Volunteers to Produce SPICA’s Comeback

With a September wedding ahead of her, Lee Hyori has taken charge for her labelmate group, SPICA.

Cable channel OnStyle has started a new reality program called “Lee Hyori’s X Unni” where SPICA will be talking about working with Lee Hyori.

SPICA has debuted with the title of “Lee Hyori’s Kids” but the group felt that they have not been able to rise to the top due to the fierce competition among idols. Therefore, they have asked their senior Lee Hyori for help.

Lee Hyori has volunteered to produce SPICA’s comeback. She will act as both a K-pop senior and a friendly unni to give them warm advice as well as constructive criticism. Lee Hyori believes that a unique stage, concept and the freedom to run wild will help SPICA grow in the future.

It is also reported that many celebrities have offered their help and gave advice for SPICA’s upcoming comeback.

The pilot episode of “Lee Hyori’s X Unni” will air on August 6.

After receiving some training from Lee Hyori, SPICA will be coming back at the end of August.