ZE:A’s Siwan Locks His Room at Night and Changed His Phone Because of Kwanghee?

On the most recent episode of the KBS talk show, “Hello,” ZE:A’s Siwan revealed some funny stories about the nuisances of Kwanghee!

Kwanghee admitted that he always asked the ZE:A members, especially Siwan, how he looked. Siwan shared that Kwanghee once came into his room at 5AM and asked him which of the three white shirts looked better on him.

Siwan said, “To me, they all looked the same. They were all just white shirts.” Afterwards, Siwan admitted that he started to lock his door, which made everyone laugh.

Siwan also revealed, “Kwanghee would also video call me so much that I changed my phone to one that doesn’t have video calling.” But to that, Kwanghee shot back, “I can just video call your manager then!”

Kwanghee also shared, “Once, I wore a shirt that Siwan picked for me to the airport but I got picked as the worst dressed by fans. That day, I harrassed Siwan a lot.”

Meanwhile, Kwanghee confessed that he used to cry because of the other ZE:A members’ naturally good-looks.

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