Lee Byung Hun’s Proposal Brought Tears to Lee Min Jung’s Eyes

Lee Byung Hun‘s romantic proposal to Lee Min Jung has been revealed!

It has been reported that Lee Byung Hun gave a movie-like proposal to his future bride. According to sources, Lee Byung Hun prepared a special screening of his latest Hollywood film, “Red: The Legend,” for only his close acquaintances. At the end of the film, a clip of Lee Byung Hun proposing to Lee Min Jung followed, which moved her to tears.

New agencies also report that the couple had dinner with Lee Min Jung’s family and relatives at Lee Byung Hyun’s sister’s restaurant, further gearing up preparations for their upcoming wedding.

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung will get married on August 10 in a private, no-media wedding. The wedding will be officiated by actor Shin Young Kyun. Actor Lee Bum Soo and comedian Shin Dong Yup will be the MCs of the ceremony. Around 900 guests were invited.