Lee Seung Gi As Pizza Hut’s Best Looking Delivery Man

Singer, actor, and entertainer Lee Seung Gi recently went on a mission to deliver flower bouquets and pizzas at a local women’s university. 

The photos from his endeavors have gone viral in online communities, having captured the handsome actor getting out of his car, practicing his speech to cheer on the lucky recipients of his gifts, and meeting the shocked female students. 

The trip was planned by Pizza Hut as part of their latest promotional project. Pizza Hut reps stated, “Photos from Lee Seung Gi’s trip to the women’s university have been posted online. Although he was shy, he was able to create a fun atmosphere with the female students while enjoying a slice of pizza.”

Netizens commented, “Wow, I’m sure they’ll never forget this experience!”, “To think that Lee Seung Gi made those delivery trips himself- he’s such a nice guy!” and “I’m so envious of the women who got to eat pizza with him!”