Ladies’ Code Scores First Endorsement With Pepsi

Rookie idol group Ladies’ Code recently scored their first endorsement deal with Pepsi!

Polaris Entertainment made the announcement on August 6, “Ladies’ Code will be participating in Pepsi Cola’s ‘Open Your Pepsi Now’ campaign. Fans will be able to see their lively energy and upbeat image featured in future advertisements for Pepsi.”

Other celebrities currently endorsing Pepsi Cola include actor Ryu Seung Ryong and male group Infinite

It was also reported that Ladies’ Code might also be the face of a popular cosmetics brand that is known for only contracting the hottest female actresses in the biz. 

Polaris Entertainment reps also shared, “We feel that there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the comeback of Ladies’ Code, especially with the flood of inquiries from cosmetics, drinks, and various other brands for endorsement.”

In related news, Ladies’ Code has attracted a lot of media and online attention for the unique “horror” concept for their comeback single, “Hate You.” Check out their music video here.