A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Ate Six Servings of Meat in One Meal

A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji confessed that she has quite a large appetite!

On August 6, Jung Eun Ji was a guest on the variety show, “1 vs. 100” and her past co-star from “Answer Me 1997,” No Ji Yeon revealed, “I ate with Jung Eun Ji once and she ate six portions of meat, two bowls of rice, kimchi stew and cola. Afterwards, she was thinking about what to have for dessert and she ate a waffle.”

After No Ji Yeon revealed this information, Jung Eun Ji laughed and said, “Unni, why did you come on this show?” as she confirmed the story to be true.

After this went on air, netizens have been digging up Jung Eun Ji’s past photos.

Despite her huge appetite, Jung Eun Ji’s high school photos showed that she was a cute and slim girl!

Netizens commented, “She’s so lucky that she’s skinny with that kind of appetite,” “Maybe she has a high metabolism,” and many more.

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