Im Seulong and Nam Bora Are an Adorable Couple as JIMFF Ambassadors

2AM‘s Im Seulong and actress Nam Bora have been chosen as the 9th Jecheon International Music & film Festival (JIMFF) ambassadors and have recently posed together for a couple photo shoot!

The photo shoot took place on July 31 and the two stars posed with three different concepts where they sported various styles of outfits including casual wear, evening wear and sporty look with JIMFF t-shirts. Each concept describes the intents and purposes of the festival, which is to create a getaway for those who love music and film, in a young and trendy way.

Sources reveal that Im Seulong and Nam Bora had great chemistry at the shoot and created a great working atmosphere for everyone.

The JIMFF will start on August 14 and will last until August 19.

jiff seulong nam bora

jiff seulong nam bora 1

jiff seulong nam bora 2