What had Sunmi Been Doing After She Left Wonder Girls?

Sunmi of the Wonder Girls recently announced her comeback as a solo artist. While many fans were happy to hear that she is coming back, many also wondered what she had been doing after she left the group to focus on her studies.

An online community put together a few pictures of Sunmi that were taken while she was on her haitus and titled the post, “Sunmi After She Left.” The pictures are a collection of some of the selcas she shared on her social networking sites after she left the group. One picture is of her making a cute face and was taken on her way to a show. Other pictures show her wearing comfortable clothing while looking lovely and innocent with her simple makeup and long hair. 


Sunmi left Wonder Girls in 2010 to focus on her education. She had been studying drama at Dongguk University, and also staying continually in contact with the Wonder Girls, proving their strong friendship.

Are you guys excited for her comeback?