“I Hear Your Voice” Cast and Crew Leave for Vacation to Thailand

Some of the cast and crew members of the wildly successful SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice” have been reported to all leave on a vacation together!

The cast members include Lee Bo Young, Lee Da Hee, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Woong In and Choi Sung Joon. Lee Jong Suk was not able to join because of their schedules.

The drama’s cast and crew left on August 8 for Thailand. They will be spending a well deserved three nights and four days in Phuket.

The reason for this vacation includes the great success of the drama but it has been known that a cast and crew vacation was planned since the first script reading.

Choi Sung Joon stated in an interview, “Having a successful drama and leaving for a reward vacation is very rare,” and “But ever since our first script reading, Bo Young nuna suggested that we all go overseas together if the ratings go over 23%. Luckily, the ratings were very good so we are leaving for a vacation.”

He continued, “I think Bo Young nuna is the most excited,” and “Unfortunately, Jong Suk has other filming projects so he couldn’t go with us.”

Lee Da Hee uploaded a series of photos on her me2day at the airport. She looks very excited to go on vacation!

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