f(x)’s Sulli Finds Her Doppelganger in Actor Ha Jung Woo?

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several photos were released under the title “Ha Jung Woo and Sulli are each other’s look-alike.”

In the released pictures are actor Ha Jung Woo and girl group f(x)’s member and actress Sulli. In the first set of photos, Sulli has short hair, messy hair, much like Ha Jung Woo next to her. In the second set, both Ha Jung Woo and Sulli have long straight hair. In both sets of pictures, both celebs look oddly similar with respect to their facial features and atmosphere.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “I do see the resemblance,” “They look funny and cute,” “Sulli looks so adorable,” “Ha Jung Woo looks handsome,” and “The similarity is amazing.”