Jung Joon Young is Not Glitz and Glamour But Serious Musician in “Arena Korea” Photo Shoot

Superstar K” contestant and aspiring rocker Jung Joon Young appeared in a photo shoot and interview in the August issue of “Arena Korea.” In the interview, Jung Joon Young talked about his seriousness in becoming a musician. After finishing in the top three of MNET reality singing competition “Superstar K4,” Jung Joon Young signed with CJ E&M and was flooded with offers to host a radio program, act in a drama, and pose for CFs. However, it was not all peaches and cream for the aspiring rock star. 

It took six years for Jung Joon Young to get his big break. At the age of 17 years old, Jung Joon Young realized that his dream was to be a rock star and moved the next year to South Korea and was soon signed to an entertainment agency (rumored to be Danal Entertainment). 

In 2008, Starkim Entertainment selected Jung Joon Young as one of the original members of idol rock band Led Apple. For two years, the members worked together and finished recording their debut album. But, right before Led Apple’s debut in 2010, Starkim Entertainment discovered that Jung Joon Young was already under contract with the previous agency which refused to release him and, thus, Jung Joon Young was dropped from the idol rock band. 

In 2010, determined to make it in the music industry, Jung Joon Young dove into the Hongdae indie music scene and formed various bands. Jung Joon Young was supposed to audition with a band on “Superstar K4” but the band dropped out. Again, refusing to let his dream die, Jung Joon Young decided to audition as a solo artist. Finally, on the show, Jung Joon Young’s vocal talent was recognized and he got his big chance.

Asked by the magazine if he was a rocker to the bone, Jung Joon Young responded: “Of course. This is the only thing I should do. Because, up until this point in time, this is the only thing I believed in and worked towards. Because, someday, it will happen.” Jung Joon Young continued: “When I sing a song that I really think is good, great, perfect, when there are lots of people who sing my song along with me, that is my dreamed of, completely perfect moment. But, it still has not happened yet.” 

Asked by the magazine what he would do if the fans he gained from “Superstar K” want him to sing ballads instead of metal, Jung Joon Young responded: “Saying that I want to do metal does not mean that I will light-heartedly run around doing anything [it is actually a serious genre that requires hard work]. Even if people’s perception about me is a certain way, I would like to do a stage that has dignity. As opposed to a performance, I want to give emotions to my fans. Of course, to stand on a stage and give emotions, for this to be possible, the musician would have to build up trust in the audience over a long period of time. If I want that to happen, the first thing I have to do is to get people used to the sound of my voice.”

Asked if he wanted to be a star or musician, Jung Joon Young responded: “Musi~cian~!”






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