Kangta’s Former Girlfriend May Be a Rookie Celebrity

On the recent episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which was aired on August 9, Kangta mentioned his past girlfriend.

During a meal, Kim Kwang Gyu asked Kangta if he has a girlfriend. Kangta answered, “No. My last relationship was right before I entered the mandatory military service. It has been five years.”

Kim Kwang Gyu asked, “Was she a celebrity?” Kangta replied, “She was not a celebrity five years ago.” Kim Kwang Gyu continued to question him, “So does that mean that she is a celebrity now? Can you tell me? I won’t tell anyone.”

When Kangta whispered to him his former girlfriend’s name, Kim Kwang Gyu appeared to be shocked as he said, “Seriously?”

Netizens that saw this episode commented, “I am so curious,” and “So it must be a relatively new celebrity who made her debut about five years ago?”

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