f(x) Krystal’s Abs Are Rock Solid Just Like Venus de Milo

I think most fans may be aware of this stunning fact already but f(x)’s Krystal has some really nice abs. But just how good are they? An entertainment news program has recently decided to run a segment detailing their Top 7 female singers with great abs. Will Krystal’s rock solid abs be enough to win this coveted ranking?


On a recent airing of SBS E!’s “K-Star News,” the program ran a segment that listed their Top 7 female singers with great abs. While there were some amazing names within the top 7 like After School’s Jung Ah, Girl’s Generation’s Yuri and Sistar’s Soyu, the idol that rose above them all to rank in 1st was none other than f(x)’s Krsytal.

Krystal’s Abs have enthralled fans and viewers since her shirt pulling gesture during NU ABO. She had previously mentioned before that she didn’t really do any sort of particular exercises to ensure she keeps her abs in tip top condition. So how did she end up with such great abs? Well it could be due to the fact that her father was once a boxer while her mother was a gymnast. 


The program went as far as to say that Krystal’s abs were as good as the abs seen on the famous ancient Greek statue, the Venus de Milo. So which abs do you think is actually better, f(x) Krystal’s chiselled abs born out of genetics and diet or Venus de Milo’s abs, actually chiselled out of stone and born a few thousand years ago. Sound off in the comments below.