Jung Joon Young Discusses His Ideal Type and Love in “Vogue Girl Korea”

Superstar K4” contestant Jung Joon Young appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of “Vogue Girl Korea.” Though aspiring rock star Jung Joon Young may have finished in third place on the show, his flower boy prettiness, unique vocal ability, and strange charisma placed him first in the hearts of many.

In the interview, Jung Joon Young talks about his upcoming album, his inability to write love songs, and his dating style.

On his dating style, Jung Joon Young said: “I’m the ordinary, normal, dating type. Starting a relationship, going on dates, getting jealous, breaking up, or, when I break up, wondering who I should date next. I have an ordinary ideal type. A woman who I find pretty upon first sight. A woman who on second glance is even prettier. On a college campus, one girl walks by. All the guys stare at that girl. Because she is pretty. I will probably be one of those guys. As opposed to a pretty girl who is overly made up, I pay attention to girls who are naturally pretty. Do you want to become my ideal? Maintain your naturalness! [laughs]”

On relationships, Jung Joon Young said: “I’ll speak honestly. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a true sincere love. When I date, I tend to look too far into the future. We’re going to break up anyways, so do I have to have a bad headache over this kind of an issue? Or, I fear that when our good times end, this person will probably leave me. Either I have not met the owner of my heart or I have an overactive imagination, it must be one of the two.”