Ex-Wonder Girls’ Member Sunmi Reveals Solo Album Teaser

JYP Entertainment left the music industry abuzz just last week with the surprising revelation that Sunmi will be returning as a soloist. She’s receiving a lot of the spotlight as Park Jin Young said he’s “all in” with her album production. He’s the man behind Park Ji Yoon’s mega-hit “Adult Ceremony,” which many girl groups cover in various music programs and award ceremonies to this day.

On August 12, JYP Entertainment updated its homepage with three photos of Sunmi. Her grapefruit-pink colored short hair stands out against her simple white attire with black text. Her name is artistically written in pastel rainbow colors and the Korean text says, “24 hours is not enough.”

An agency representative said, “Sunmi, who is currently preparing for her solo debut, will have a ‘very Sunmi’ album. We ask for your interest as she gradually releases more eye-opening transformation and charms.”

Sunmi will release “24 Hours Is Not Enough” music video on August 20 and will release the digital single on August 26.

0812 sunmi inside