[K-Food] CNBLUE Is the New Endorser of K-Food

Just when you thought Korean food can’t get any better – well, apparently it can! CNBLUE is now the new face of Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation‘s global brand K-Food!

The boys just recently filmed a commercial for K-Food products and the CF will be aired all around the world starting from China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam in August. CNN, BBC, and the National Geographic will also air the commercial film.

The boys filmed with 27 different foods made in Korea, and boy, do they look like they’re having a blast! Some of the ingredients in the fun commercial include, but not limited to, pleasant paprika, sexy red pepper, romantic mushroom, mighty red ginger, fit milk, and energizing persimmon.

Fans who don’t live in a country where the CF will be aired, you’re in luck! You can still see it through K-Food’s YouTube. (check for the link below!)

CNBLUE said, “The food that we usually enjoy will now be exported worldwide. We will be even more happy and proud when we go abroad to perform and see K-food being sold.”

Check out the video below! Did they just say 27 foods? Can’t wait for more! Stay tuned for updates!!


This article is sponsored by K-Food.

Check out their Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/kfoodworld/videos