Seungri Posts Heartfelt Message About Big Bang and Yang Hyun Suk

With Big Bang Seungri’s highly anticipated solo comeback now just seven days away, he has posted a fairly comprehensive message on his Facebook page to talk about his resolve and reflect on his past, thinking back to when he wanted to pursue a different career because he became discouraged after seeing the more senior Big Bang members while also talking about Yang Hyun Suk, helping Seungri to change his mental outlook.


In his message, Seungri starts off by saying that “I have lost my confidence in music.” The reason being that he was “Discouraged by the highly talented senior members in my team and I thought about wanting to pursue a different career that isn’t music.” He continues on by saying that “A year ago after finishing my acting activities in Japan, I returned to Korea and the head of YG, President Yang Hyun Suk proposed a meeting.”

This meeting proves to be very important with Seungri stating that “In that room on the 7th floor, we had a conversation that would instantly reverse my wrong mental attitude.” He talks about how Yang Hyun Suk “Took me in when I was nobody and so I entered YG and joined the team we call Big Bang” and how Yang Hyun Suk, “Sometimes as a agency president and sometimes as a teacher” had “Made me into a proper person.” Seungri then describes how Yang Hyun Suk had “Huge expectations for my music.” He says that Yang Hyuk Suk asked him, the young kid that “loves to go around and indulge in fun with his friends,” to “Pour that energy into your music.” 


Seungri talks about how he “Felt like my heart was about to burst open, it was really embarrassing.” After this Seungri did pour his energy into his music and he states that “Eventually I created my work and my album will be coming out because my president was also hugely pleased with it.” He also explains that he “participated in the composing and writing the lyrics of all the songs in this album however this is eventually Big Bang’s music.” Seungri explains that this is because “For the past eight years, I have grown up listening to Big Bang’s music produced by my senior member G-Dragon.” 

In regards to G-Dragon, he says that “I have been hugely influenced by his music and I’ve learned a lot from it” but that he has “Learned a lot from the other members as well and I wanted to put all of that into this album.” Seungri finishes off by saying that “As the youngest member in Big Bang, I wanted to make an album that my beloved senior members wouldn’t be embarrassed about. Even now, just before the release of this album, I’m putting big changes into it and I’ll develop by leaps and bounds through this album. I’ll redeem all my mistakes up till now, for the sake of the staff sweating for my sake, for the sake of my team, for the sake of the fans that I love and for the sake of myself.”