B.A.P’s “Bad Man” Under Fire for Being Similar to Shinhwa’s “We Can Get It On”

B.A.P has recently come under fire for their recent single “Bad Man” being similar to Shinhwa‘s “We Can Get It On.”

Recently, netizens have been talking on online forums about how “B.A.P’s new single ‘Bad Man’ has similar chord progressions, melodies and the same general feeling as Shinhwa’s ‘We Can Get It On.'”

B.A.P’s “Bad Man,” which has been released on August 6, is written and composed by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum. The track is listed under the ‘trap’ genre, which is currently trending.

Shinhwa’s “We Can Get It On” was released in April of 2008 as part of Shinhwa’s ninth album. It is written and composed by Shinhwa’s Eric and David Kim.

Another one of B.A.P’s songs that was released last July, “No Mercy” has also been compared to Shinhwa’s “Young Gunz” for its similarities.

B.A.P’s agency spoke with XSportsNews and said, “We are aware that people are saying that B.A.P’s ‘Bad Man’ and Shinhwa’s ‘We Can Get It On’ are simliar. But it is not plagiarism and we have no thoughts to respond. We will not release any statements. The same goes for ‘No Mercy.'”

Shinhwa’s agency also spoke with XSportsNews and said, “We have also heard about this news. However, we are not placing too much concern in this matter. B.A.P is a long ways junior group than Shinhwa and we all just want B.A.P to do well.”

Take a listen to Shinhwa’s “We Can Get It On” as well as B.A.P’s “Bad Man” below: