Sunmi Gains 12 Pounds for Comeback, Previously Weighed 84 Pounds

While most artists tend to lose weight before their highly anticipated come back, ex-Wonder Girl Sunmi has actually gained weight.

On August 12, Sunmi revealed a couple teaser images, officially marking down her nearby come back. Sunmi awed fans through her beauty and her completely new style.

It is reported that Sunmi has actually gained weight for her come back. The reason for her weight gain is to show a healthy beauty and for physical strength. In 2007 when the Wonder Girls debuted, Sunmi garnered attention for weighing only 40kg (around 88lbs).

A K-Pop insider spoke with Newsen and said, “Sunmi gained weight for her come back to display a healthy and feminine side,” and “When Sunmi was part of the Wonder Girls, she used to weight around 38 to 39kg (84 lbs). But she decided that her charms would be better noticed if she gained weight.”

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment spoke about Sunmi’s come back by saying, “Sunmi’s album will be very ‘Sunmi-ish.’ We hope you will take a lot of interest and look forward to Sunmi’s transformation and charms.”

Sunmi’s “24 Hours” music video and digital single will be revealed on August 26.