2PM’s Nichkhun Has Fun with “One and a Half Summer” Drama Cast Members

Recently on August 10 on actor Jang Jing Fu’s Weibo account, several photos were uploaded with a short message, “My friendly roommate.”

In the released pictures are the actors of the Chinese drama “One and a Half Summer,” including 2PM’s Nichkhun. In the first photo, Nichkhun is sitting at a desk and smiling at the camera with a V-sign. In the second picture, he appears to be studying at his desk, while Jang Jing Fu points at him playfully.

Fans who saw these photos commented, “Nichkhun looks hot,” “They look like they are good friends,” “They all look like real college students,” and “I am looking forward to watching this drama.”

“One and a Half Summer” tells a story of the dreams and relationships of young university students. Filming will continue until this October, and the first episode is set to broadcast next summer. 

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