Gajamiboy Releases “Happy” MV for Drama “Who Are You?”

Are you looking for some music to change up your K-Pop playlist?

On August 13, CJENMMUSIC uploaded Gajamiboy’s “Happy,” which is a track included in the original soundtrack for tvN’s drama “Who Are You?” It’s a song about yearning for the happy times in the past and wanting to go back to that particular joyous time. Categorized as guitar pop, the song emphasizes the group’s signature boy-like sensitivity.

Leader Richie Kim wrote the song in his spare time and it wasn’t included in the group’s album nor was it ever performed live. The indie group has a mania-like following in the underground scene and it was reported that the fans were highly anticipating the track.

The music video shows several scenes from the drama “Who Are You?” which is a supernatural melodrama about Si On (played by So Yi Hyun), a girl who awoke from a six-year coma and has the ability to see ghosts, and Gun Woo (played by Ok Taecyeon), who only believes in practical and tangible things that can be seen and touched. The ghost of Si On’s dead boyfriend (played by Kim Jae Wook) appears between the two, creating a strange love triangle story.