[Exclusive] Interview With Brown Eyed Girls and Winners of CD Giveaway Announced!

Awesome news, Soompiers! The interview with Brown Eyed Girls is out!

The four lovely ladies were generous to take some time out of their busy schedule to give Soompi an exclusive interview for their fifth album “Black Box.” It took some time, but the ladies went through the questions and picked seven questions from seven Soompiers to answer!

Here’s a picture of Narsha signing one of the CDs to Soompier hugomoreno! Beautiful nails! You can check them out in the interview as well. ^^

나르샤 싸인 official

Did they answer your question? Find out by watching the clip below! Don’t forget to click CC for English subs! French, Portuguese, and Spanish subs coming soon!

Congrats to the winners of the CD giveaway! Please check your Twitter’s DM for more info!


@hugomoreno (@sharpestme)


@Anaphylaxy (@TheUltimecia)

@DanMxStylez_1 (@DanMxStylez)

@dharayanni (@dhachaa)

@Sandy Kissme (@xsandy2005)

@nurhanani (@nani_hanani)

By the way, did you check out the group’s “Kill Bill” music video yet?

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