Secret’s Hyosung Brings Sexy Energy in Lingerie Photoshoot for “Yes”

The hottest “bagel girl” of the idol world, Secret‘s Jeon Hyosung, has transformed into a energetic and sexy fall lady in her latest lingerie photo shoot.

Jeon Hyosung, the model for the lingerie brand “Yes,” has posed for the 2013 F/W season with an energetic concept. Hyosung was said to have been applauded by the staff for posing with confidence and energy, perfectly expressing the season’s concept.

Hyosung sports various outfits that reminds us of the upcoming autumn season. Hyosung’s voluptuous body as well as her cute and quirky smiles come together in perfect union to highlight the brand’s products.

Sources from the brand commented, “Jeon Hyosung’s lovable energy was in perfect sync with the concept. Last season, the items that Jeon Hyosung modeled were completely sold out,” and “We are expecting a hot response for this season as well from the consumers in their twenties through Jeon Hyosung’s unique charms and style.”

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