EXO Members Experience Hardships Over Sasaeng Fans

The problematic issue of sasaeng fans have once again come to light through EXO‘s recent interview where they talked about those hardships.

On August 13, EXO spoke with SportsSeoul.com for an interview and said, “The sasaeng problem is serious. It angers us because rather than harming us, it harms our neighbors and even people who have nothing to do with us. It’s also upsetting because we’re known to have many sasaeng fans so our normal fans sometimes get unfairly mistaken for sasaengs.”

EXO member D.O shared, “Personally, I even came to develop a victim mentality because of the sasaeng fans. It’s so bad that my mood changes even when I see normal fans. Even my personality changed. I was originally shy and cautious but because of sasaengs, I became even more like that.”

exo sasaeng

EXO is infamous for having many sasaeng fans. When you type in EXO in search portals, you can find many posts on their every moves of every single day. Finding out the members’ phone numbers and calling them all day is a given for these sasaeng fans.

Leader Suho stated, “We would like it if the fans only cheered for us at concerts or other public events. We are of course so thankful for the passion and support but we also have our own private lives. If you love us, please restrict the sasaeng fandom.”

EXO is currently promoting “Growl” after a successful run with “Wolf.”