Kim Bum Soo Undergoes Eyelid Surgery Again

On the recent August 13 episode of KBS 2FM’s “Kim Bum Soo’s Music Plaza,” DJ Kim Bum Soo appeared with swollen eyes.

He explained shyly, “To treat ptosis of eyelid (drooping or falling of upper or lower eyelid), I had another eyelid surgery. It is going to take another two weeks for the swelling to go down, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to reveal what I got done.”

In the past, Kim Bum Soo has revealed that his eyes are his complex. He stated, “At the time of my debut, I had double eyelid surgery at my agency’s suggestion. Unfortunately, the result was never satisfactory.

Netizens who heard this news commented, “I am curious of what he will look like when the swelling goes down,” “It is hard being a celebrity,” and “Hope the result is worth it.”