Billboard Compares Crayon Pop to PSY

Girl group Crayon Pop is currently sweeping South Korea by storm and it seems Billboard is picking up on the weather forecast.

On August 14, Billboard released an article claiming Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” may just be K-Pop’s viral hit for 2013. The group is introduced as an adorable quintet “outfitted in helmets and brightly-colored track suits that recall the Power Rangers” where the group brings “quirky dances through an amusement park.”

Just like PSY, Crayon Pop’s viral craze is unexpected as the rookie group just made its debut last year with no hit tracks. And like the “Gangnam Style” man, the girls’ “Bar Bar Bar” took some time to gain momentum- most likely due to the group’s rookie status. “With over two million YouTube views in less than two months, the video has had big TV exposure and parodies from local celebrities.”

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