First Acting Idol Group Surprise to Debut with a Flower Boy Drama Series

Introducing the first ever actor idol group, Surprise!

Fantasio Group announced that the five member group will be debuting through a new drama, “After School Luck or Not” (working title).

Surprise consists of members Seo Kang Joon, Lee Tae Hwan, Yoo Il, Gong Myung and Kang Tae Oh, who are all in their twenties. They have been produced by Fantagio, home to many A-list actors such as Yeom Jung Ah, Joo Jin Mo, Ha Jung Woo, Jung Gyeo Woon and more. Surprise has been training for two years in acting, dance, singing and more.

Surprise has been cast for the male leads for “After School Luck or Not,” which is directed by the “flower-boy drama hit-maker” director, Jung Jung Hwa, who has previously worked with Jung Il Woo and Yoon Shi Yoon.

The Surprise members will be acting alongside Kim So Eun, the female lead, as members of a special school club. This particular school club specializes in having “luck or not” draws.

Seo Kang Joon will be playing the club’s leader; Lee Tae Hwan will be playing the brains of the club; Yoo Il will be playing the beauty of the club, Gong Myung will be playing the sensitive guy and Kang Tae Oh will be playing the muscles of the group.

On August 14, two teaser posters for “After School Luck or Not” were released. The first poster shows a comical aspect to the drama as the Surprise members are holding random items and making funny poses to represent each of their characters.

surprise 081413 2

The second poster has a completely different feel as it resembles a scene from a seventies/eighties film. The Surprise members are peering into the camera with charismatic expressions and poses.

surprise 081413 1

Both posters contain the item that will probably serve as the main focus of the drama, the draw box.

Fantagio commented, “Surprise differs from the music-based idol groups since their foundation is in acting. But they will also be promoting with music, CFs, variety shows and more.”

“After School Luck or Not” will air in early September.