“Daddy Where Are We Going” Staff to Take Legal Action Against Netizens’ Hateful Comments

The staff of the popular variety show “Daddy Where Are We Going” has announced its intentions to take legal action against netizens’ hateful comments.

MBC sources commented, “The ‘Daddy Where Are We Going’ staff decided that they couldn’t just watch people create anti-cafes and make hateful comments so they decided to take legal action,” and “The staff have already finished meeting with the MBC legal department about this matter.”

They continued, “The staff thought that some of the hateful comments went too far. They will strongly take action against those netizens.”

Despite the vast popularity that the celebrity father/son duos are experiencing, they have also experienced negative responses from the public.

Children like Yoon Hoo and Kim Min Guk, sons of Yoon Min Soo and Kim Sung Joo, respectively, even had anti-cafes made by netizens. When news of Yoon Hoo’s anti-cafe reached the public, many have gathered their strength to fight against the hate by searching, “Yoon Hoo I Love You” to erase the term “Yoon Hoo anti-cafe” from Yoon Hoo’s related key search terms.