Lee Byung Hun’s Saxophone Serenade for Lee Min Jung, Wedding Guest Photos and Other Details Revealed

Even though it’s been a few days since Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun got married in a private ceremony, more details have been leaking by the day!

First, it has been reported that Lee Byung Hun romantically serenaded his new wife with the saxophone!

A photo has been circulated online of Lee Min Jung in a black mini-dress happily listening to her husband’s saxophone performance dedicated to her.

Another photo of the Lee’s wedding was revealed through Lee Byung Hun’s sister, Lee Eun Hee. On August 12, Lee Eun Hee posted on her Facebook a photo of the guests getting ready to take a picture. She posted, “A fun photo time with the guests. My brother is flustered because of the playful guests. It was so fun.”

lee min jung lee byung gun wedding photo

The photo shows Lee Min Jung and others laughing at something Kwon Sang Woo said. It must have been something very funny since Han Ga In is also laughing behind her husband Yeon Jung Hoon‘s shoulders!

Finally, on August 14, Elle magazine revealed a new cut of Lee Min Jung in her wedding dress for their upcoming September issue.

Lee Min Jung’s breathtaking beauty in her elegant wedding dress awed the public once again. This photo shoot along with Lee Min Jung’s wedding story with Lee Byung Hun will be revealed on August 20 through the September issue of Elle.

elle leeminjung 081413