Seungri Releases New Teaser Image and Talks about His Own Dating Experience for Track “GG BE”

On August 14, Seungri released a new teaser image and talked about one of his tracks, “GG BE” as well.

On August 14, Big Bang’s Seungri posted through his Facebook page, “This song is completely about me. Women aren’t the only ones who get deceived and hurt by men. Men get deceived and hurt by women too, these days.”

He continued, “The girl that I dated, whenever she opened her mouth, she lied. Every time I found out that she lied, it was such a huge shock to me. That made us both exhausted and grow cold toward each other. I knew that she was waiting for me to break up with her, which made me feel angrier and bitter. I put the hurt and anger I got from her into this song.”

Seungri added, “The piano introduction gives off a feeling of despair and anger. Also, because I needed a counterpart to the male’s point of view, I asked YG‘s secret weapon, rookie girl group member Jennie Kim to help with the bridge. This is what I’ll say to the girl for the last time. You will reap what you sow. Listen carefully to this song and come to your senses.”

Seungri also talked about his other track “Gotta Talk To U,” his thoughts on his upcoming album, and unveiled other teaser images

Seungri will be releasing his new album on August 19.

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