Crayon Pop Spends 12 Hours Trying To Complete Video Game

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to sit at home and do nothing but play video games? What if you were given that chance but the condition was that the moment you turned that game on you will have to finish that game in a single sitting. Well that is what quirky girl group Crayon Pop set about doing when they featured as guests on a long running cable game show.

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On August 8, Crayon Pop featured as the guests for a long running game show on the cable channel, Ongamenet, called “I turned it on, might as well finish it.” The show is similar to a popular Japanese game show called “Gamecenter CX” and involves the host finishing a random game of the week in a single sitting. The show also features guests on occasions and Crayon Pop was the guest for this particular episode. This however wasn’t Crayon Pop’s first appearance on the show, having appeared on a previous episode.

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For the most recent episode, Crayon Pop and one of the show’s hosts Jo Hyun Min, was tasked with finishing the main story of the game “Rhythm Heaven Fever” a Nintendo Wii game produced by Nintendo in 2011. The objective of the game is to complete a wide variety of mini games by pressing buttons in tune with the rhythm of the song, hence the name “Rhythm Heaven Fever.” The girls get off to a decent start and clear the earlier stages without too much difficulty but the game becomes gradually harder and they can be seen struggling to get through certain stages. They even get the help of one of the many fans that have come to cheer the girls on, it just so happens that the fan that volunteers to help is very good at the game and breezes through the stage that the crew was having difficulty with.

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Eventually after 11 hours and 27 minutes of constant playing, the crew finally finish the main story of the game and celebrate their achievement as the credits begin to play. This was a bit slower than the 10 hour record they set on their previous appearance on the show but that also happened to be a different game and is still a faster time than what most of the show hosts get for other games. 

You can see this episode for yourself below: