Cast of “Two Weeks” Tries the Crayon Pop “Bar Bar Bar” Dance

Kim So Yeon, Ryu Soo Young and other cast members of “Two Weeks” have given a go at the current dance craze: Crayon Pop‘s “Bar Bar Bar.”

On August 13, Ryu Soo Young posted a short message on his me2day, explaining how despite the hot weather and acting out a rainy scene, the cast members gave a try at the most popular dance right now.

He posted, “…Jumping, jumping! We are called V6. Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung, you keep missing the beat but since you are the only female, it is cute.” Park Jae Kyung is the character name for Kim So Yeon.

The photo shows the cast members trying to dance the “Bar Bar Bar” dance and it looks like they are having quite a lot of fun!

two weeks bar bar bar

Meanwhile, Ahn Ye Seul, of last year’s “Super Star K4,” recently sang for the “Two Weeks” OST with “Love Is Leaving.”