Min Yeon Jae Releases Debut Music Video for “Don’t Love That Person” Feat. Yoon Min Soo of Vibe

Lyricist Min Yeon Jae made his rap debut with the music video for “Don’t Love That Person” featuring Vibe‘s Yoon Min Soo

Min Yeon Jae was the lyricist for the popular song “I Can’t” by 4Men and has also worked with K. WillVibe, and Dal Shabet. He made his start as an underground rapper and was discovered by Yoon Min Soo who helped him debut as a lyricist. Now the singer will help Min Yeon Jae debut again, this time as a rapper.

“Don’t love That Person” is a powerful ballad about the regret of losing a love and the heartache of seeing your former lover love someone else. The music video also star’s former Click B member Kim Sang Hyuk.