Eight Famous Celebrities Under Investigation for Illegal Gambling

Looks like there’s another crackdown on celebrity illegal gambling. Entertainer Kim Yong Man was sentenced to a year in prison earlier this past spring for illegal gambling and singer-turned-TV personality Shin Jung Hwan was under the spotlight numerous times for his addiction to the illegal activity.

On August 15, a media outlet revealed that there are currently eight well-known celebrities who are currently being investigated by the police for illegal gambling ranging from comedians, emcees, and celebrities from other parts of the industry.

A representative from the source stated, “Currently, there are eight famous celebrities who are being investigated by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office for illegally gambling through an illegal betting site. They are betting on who wins soccer games and also by what score. The bets are from thousands of dollars to five figures ($ x0,000).”

There are a lot of reports covering Jung Ga Eun denying accusations. After many media outlets picked up on the story, the TV personality went straight to her Twitter to defend herself, “Oh man, what! What’s this about being a great gambler in Macao and why is my name being mentioned in the comments section. I’m not able to sleep because of . I’m not even doing well [in the industry] these days. Man. I’m so frustrated so I need to let this out.”