SISTAR’s Hyorin Electrifies and Smoulders in “Vogue Korea” Photo Shoot

SISTAR member Hyorin appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of “Vogue Korea.”  The article concept was entitled “High Voltage.” In the photo shoot, Hyorin electrifies and smoulders with her dangerous curves and piercing gaze. In the interview, Hyorin talks about SISTAR’s new single “Give It To Me” and how her parents raised her.

On what SISTAR’s many female fans in their thirties would think of SISTAR’s new single “Give It To Me,” Hyorin commented: “[B]ecause of that, we were worried about whether they would be able to sympathize [when hearing the lyric “Before I turn thirty, will I even get married?” from “Give It To Me”]. Actually, I want to get married before I am 35 years old . . . My mother told me that if I can, I should get married late. She wants me to try a lot of things before I get married.” 

Hyorin continued: “The fact that I don’t hide anything is a problem. There are times when women need to hide things that need to be hidden, like a fox.” 

On her parents, Hyorin said: “I tell my mom everything. When my mom speaks, she pitches stone fast balls. Other parents know that their kids are the best, but my parents don’t hold me within the bend of their arms. I like how my parents are objective.”