Jo Yeo Jeong Picks Oh Jong Hyuk Over Infinite’s Sungyeol

On the recent episode of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” which was aired on August 16, actress Jo Yeo Jeong revealed her thoughts on Oh Jong Hyuk and Infinite‘s Sungyeol.

Jo Yeo Jeong has recently visited the Caribbean with Oh Jong Hyuk and Sungyeol for SBS’ “Rules of the Jungle.” She stated, “Sungyeol is innocent and adorable, while Oh Jong Hyuk is a manly man.” 

Oh Jong Hyuk captured in his Marine uniform

Oh Jong Hyuk captured in his Marine uniform

When the MCs asked her if she likes “manly men,” she answered, “I do.” Cultwo then asked, “What do you think of Sungyeol as a man?” Jo Yeo Jeong replied, “He is the same age as my younger brother.” When asked to pick who she would rather date, Jo Yeo Jeong answered, “Jong Hyuk would be my choice.”

Netizens who heard this episode commented, “As a woman gets older, she prefers a mature man, rather than a cute boy,” and “I saw that episode of ‘Rules of the Jungle,’ and Oh Jong Hyuk really acted like manly.”