Park Shi Hoo’s Rep Speaks Up About the Rumor of the Actor Returning to Korea

Recently to the rumor of actor Park Shi Hoo returning to Korea from US, his agency stated, “He has no plans to return yet.”

The representative said to OSEN on August 13, “Park Shi Hoo is currently staying in US for personal business and also to take a break. It is not true that he will be returning at the end of this month. When he will return to Korea is still undecided.”

As to the rumor that Park Shi Hoo is receiving love calls from Korea and other countries, the agency explained, “Yes, it is true that several offers have been received, but for now, Park Shi Hoo has no plans to make his comeback anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo was recently involved in an ugly alleged sexual assault case which ended with all charges being cleared.