Yoon Sang Hyun Reveals Lee Bo Young’s Tomboyish Personality

Recently, actor Yoon Sang Hyun revealed actress Lee Bo Young‘s personality.

He stated, “She has a masculine personality and acts like a male friend.”

Yoon Sang Hyun continued, “Usually, most actresses act feminine, but Lee Bo Young is very natural and wears comfortable clothes. I have seen the tomboyish side in her that I have never seen in other actresses. Lee Bo Young is very much like the character she played in drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice.'”

Yoon Sang Hyun also added, “I studied the script all the time, but Lee Bo Young didn’t. Yet she did very well. I think she has an awesome concentration level.”

Netizens that heard this interview commented, “I believe it,” “I really think she has a great personality,” and “I am envious of her future husband.”