Soshi Social: Taeyeon and Yuri Love the Las Vegas Nightlife, Hyoyeon and Jessica Hang Out

In the past week, Girls’ Generation members Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, and Hyoyeon uploaded photographs of themselves vacationing in Las Vegas. Apparently, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany decided to take a group vacation in Las Vegas and converged upon the city last week (unfortunately, there is no mention of Seohyun, Soo Young, or YoonA). Though Sin City’s latest promotional slogan is “What happens here, stays here,” the members kept their fans happy with small glimpses of the girls having fun, hanging out, shopping, and even napping.

Soompi has collected all the photos for a fun look back on the girls in Las Vegas.

On August 18, Taeyeon wrote: “BeautifulNightView #LV”


On August 18, Yuri writes: “Las Vegas. [Posing] Even though I don’t know anything about hip-hop” 


On August 18, Yuri wrote: “It’s dawn?!”


On August 16, Yuri wrote: “Kya~ I’m shaking #vegas.” Did Yuri see the “La Reve–The Dream” Show at the Wynn Las Vegas luxury resort? 


On August 14, Hyoyeon wrote: “its cool ;).”


On August 14, Hyoyeon wrote: “hehe Coca Cola lol~~~>,<.”


On August 16, Taeyeon wrote: “Yaha~ #everyoneitshot.” 


On August 15, Taeyeon wrote “photo by. Tiff / time difference /Because I can’t see my own sleeping appearance, it’s so amazing.” 


On August 14, Taeyeon wrote: “Strawberry + Lemon !! #nonalcoholic #smoothie #Goodwordsdelicious ♥.” 


On August 13, Taeyeon wrote: “WOW.” Did Taeyeon go to the Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas? 


On August 15, Sunny wrote: “My love Jessi with my love Sponge Bob♥ With my bubu bobo baba lala lulu~ jess!! & #spongebob #vegas#mwa ♡”