Simon D Failed CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s Special Diet

Recently, Simon D revealed how he failed diets in the past.

On August 17, Simon D wrote on his Twitter, “About two year ago, I tired [CNBlueYong Hwa‘s banana diet, which involved eating only bananas and water. The problem was, bananas tasted so great, I ate six to seven bananas per meal. I ended up gaining more weight. It was supposed to be a diet.”

Simon D also added that around the same time, he tried another diet called “bento box diet,” which involved bentos being delivered to the dieter. He tried it, assuming the food would taste bland, but when he tried it, it tasted delicious. He ended up eating the week’s worth of food in only three days, again gaining more weight.

Netizens that heard this story commented, “That is s funny,” and “I totally understand how he feels.”