Teen Top Is Super Excited About Their Comeback in Recent Announcement Video

Teen Top‘s newest announcement prove that fans aren’t the only ones who are super excited for their favorite idols’ comebacks!

On August 17, Teen Top uploaded a short clip onto their YouTube channel about information on their upcoming video.

The clip starts out with Niel bursting into the room with an urgent voice, alerting everyone of Teen Top’s comeback!

Teen Top will be coming back on August 26 with a new mini-album and title track, “No Joke,” (English title TBA). Chunji further announces that the mini-album and a new music video for “No Joke” will be released at 12PM (KST).

The Teen Top members also let fans know that they will be coming back with a brand new image that is “no joke” and to look forward to their nearby comeback.

Before August 26, Teen Top is planning to release a couple of teaser images and clips as well.

Soompiers, be on the look-out for Teen Top soon!