Seungri Makes a Surprise Appearance on “Inkigayo” and Reveals Teaser Clip

Surprise! Big Bang‘s Seungri made a surprise appearance for the August 18 broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo.”

Seungri showed his teaser clip for “Gotta Talk To U” and also gave a little heads-up on what his next solo album will be about.

He said, “I wanted to see you all so badly that I came here,” and “My new song ‘Gotta Talk To U’ contains everything that I’ve learned from my eight years of experience. It is a song that will captivate the female hearts with the vocals and the beat.”

He added, “The new song will be revealed at 12PM (KST) the next day. I think you will like it. Please take a listen,” and “I will be returning with a special comeback stage next week.”

Also, a little funny tidbit: When Seungri was about to make an additional announcement about the upcoming season 3 of “K-Pop Star” auditions, he accidentally started to say “Super Star K” instead! He quickly corrected himself and said, “I think I’m gonna get in trouble,” while the other MCs couldn’t hide their laughter.

That’s OK Seungri, we all make mistakes!

Meanwhile, Seungri’s “Gotta Talk To U” will be released on August 19.